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Things End But Memories Last Forever, Keep Them With You!

Things End But Memories Last Forever, Keep Them With You!

Feeling nostalgic about the past?

If you have lost a beloved one or if you moved out of your place you definitely know how important memories are for you.

Now, photographs are not the only way to have your memories with you!

With This Keepsake Urn Pendant You Can Keep Your Memories Always Near Your Heart!

RICHKING has designed a beautiful keepsake where you can store your memories in the most delicate way.

This pendant can open on top, allowing you to store what is valuable for you.

If you lost someone you loved but you would like to have him/her always by your side, you can place a pinch of ashes in the pendant and keep them with you, everywhere!

You can definitely do the same with the ashes of your endearing pet.

Among the countless things that this pendant may inspire you to store, you can by all means keep:

  • A bit of dirt of your home town, your country or from a place you traveled to and you want it to stay with you forever!
  • A lock of hair of your young child to remember forever his/her early years!
  • A love note that it is worth staying always by your heart!
  • Your favorite fragrance which carries so many memories!

Your Necklace Is Made To Last Forever Along With Your Memories!

This pendant is made of the highest quality to ensure that your memories are in good hands!

It is made of 316L stainless steel that will not fade, tarnish, rust or stain.

The design of the pendant is simple but so elegant that you can definitely have it always on you!

Save Your Memories From Fading- Place Your Order Now!